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As the Tomah Baptist Youth leaders, we have many goals we would like to see accomplished in our ministry, but our strongest desire is to see teenagers focus on bringing glory to God.  We realize that the world offers many distractions and temptations for today's teenagers, and we want to be used by God in bringing teenagers into focus.Youth group will not only challenge teenagers in their spiritual walk with Christ, it will also help them stay spiritually focused for the week.

Active Christian Teens offers teenagers a variety of exciting activities and events in which they can meet new Christian friends and be challenged spiritually through the Word of God. Teens also have a chance to meet twice a week for some solid, Biblical teaching and worship with fellow believers.

If you have any questions regarding the information on our website or if you would like to speak with me personally, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Tomah Baptist Church Teen Team

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Wednesday nights are an informal time for teens to get together and not only participate in some of the exciting ministry teams we have during the fall/winter, but to learn from God’s Word about various topics that teens face.

Small Group Afterglows

Small Groups are a way for us to make our big group smaller. We meet in homes around the city once a month on a Sunday night during the school year from 8-10pm. These groups make it possible for us to relax and be ourselves around a small group of friends. These small groups also allow us to get plugged in with teens and families we might not have gotten to know otherwise.

Large Group Teen Events

Each month, our teens hop in the van or cars, and go to area-wide get-togethers with other teens for exciting activities, or just our group has a larger activity planned. Keep an eye on the upcoming events section for more details about these activities.

Summer Trips

Summer trips are a time for our group to really get busy. Over the past few years, our student ministry groups have assisted churches in Mexico, worked at a Oneida Native American Mission in Wisconsin, and even headed up a Holiday Bible Club in Ireland! Plus, just for fun, we go canoeing and other trips in the summer, tubing, skiing, and more in the winter. Next summer of 2010, we are planning a trip to New York City. Email us for more details or check us out in person.

Gym Nights

Friday nights are gym nights, unless we have a previously scheduled event. Each week we gather at the VA Gym for basketball, volleyball or whatever for an informal get together with other teens in the community. During the night, Pastor Jae brings a brief challenge from God's Word and answers common questions teens face on a daily basis.

Regarding Finances

Please do not let finances stop you from attending our special events and mission trips. Please contact us for any financial needs. Seriously, we want to help!







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